Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happy Independence Day

Congratulations India. Congratulations All of Us.

India is celebrating 60th Independence Day today. We celebrated the Independence in our society by organizing a flag hosting ceremony followed by sports activities. All were happy, especially kids who got gifts. Those who won got special prizes. Naini and Dhruv also got special prizes for best dressed girl and boy (see photo). Click here to see all photos taken on 15 August, 2007.

Naini & Dhruv
Apart from this I watched the movie "Shaheed" that was being played on Doordharshan. I have watched this movie many times but the freshness is still there. I can watch it infinite times. I would like to request here to the producer to digitally enhance the movie and convert it to color. So many movies are being converted why not such a great movie.

Apart from this I did something really crazy; most people will say so but I don't care. I started a blog called "Pragatisheel" on this occasion. I'll document all the discussions related to development of India in this blog. The discussion that happen among our friends, on road, in market, in reality shows, anywhere. And the blog entries will be in Hindi (हिन्दी).

So enjoy everybody. And write how you celebrated the Independence Day.

Jai Hind.

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