Saturday, August 4, 2007

Pizza Party @ The Great India Place

After a long time I went to Pizza Hut today (actually yesterday as the day is crossed) with my cab mates. Occasion was Just Like That. We decided to visit the newly opened Pizza Hut at The Great India Place. Umm... the pizza was really tasty. Normally I don't like pizzas as I got bored of eating it and moreover I have heard a lot about it's bad effects on health due to white flour used in it. But I liked it this time; due to taste. The food was great, ambiance was also good and the mall is also the best in India.

We thought of starting at 12:30 PM but started at 12:45 PM. As usual everyone started at 12:30 from there cubicles and gathers at the Cadence's gate after 15 precious minutes. Atish was the last person to join us. Surprizingly Manik was the first it seems. Actually when I came out Manik and Rahul were standing outside so I am just guessing.

We went into Manik and Samir's cars. Me, Atish, Chayan and Rahul went with Manik; Samita, Manish and Arpita went with Samir.

On reaching The Great India Place I went to Pantaloon to take my altered pants. While other ordered the Garlic Bread. After I return from Pantaloon and joined the vegetarian gang we ordered a medium Spicy Veggie and a medium Veggie Supreme pizza for ourselves.

After having the nice lunch we return office at 2:30 PM. Over all a 2 hour fun. Below are few snaps. Remaining photos can be seen at







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hoon...but you did not bring anything for me...:)